1.     Who are the Lions?

We are the largest Community Service Organisation in the world- larger than other organisations such as Rotary or Round Table.

2.     What do you do?

We raise money from the local community (teddy bear stalls, tin collections etc.) and donate it to approved causes both locally and internationally.

3.     Who are the members?

We’re local people, both men and women, from all walks of life who want to put something back into the community and have some fun while doing it.

4.     What are the origins of the organisation?

The organisation was founded in Chicago in 1917 by local businessmen who wanted to use their success for the benefit of their local community. It is now the largest community organisation in the world with over 1.3 million members in 45,000 clubs spread throughout 200 countries.

5.     How are you organised?

The clubs operate independently, but as part of an international organisation with headquarters in Chicago. We have a UK structure which includes geographical Zones. Our local Zone includes 7 clubs on the Wirral.

6.     How are you funded?

The administration of the clubs is funded entirely by its members. We pay around £40 per year each, and No money raised from the public is used for this purpose.

7.     What sort of causes do you help?

Internationally we fund eye camps, helping to restore sight where a simple cataract operation can make all the difference; water wells which can fundamentally change people’s quality of life, and emergency aid for natural disasters. Locally in the Port, we’ve helped the Cottage Hospital, Friends of Ellesmere Port, the Hospice, Claire House and individuals who may need equipment to help make life more bearable.We also give assistance to the elderly and have close contact with Naylor Court and Mayfield House.

8.     Is it all work?

Not at all! We have a varied social calendar, including quiz nights, theatre trips, ten pin bowling, BBQs, meals out, walks etc.

9.     I’m working. How much time would I have to commit?

Only as much time as you can spare. The club appreciates the call on people’s time these days, and therefore the more members we have means that the load is shared and is not too demanding.

10.    Can anyone join?

We welcome new members. We’d recommend coming to one of our social events so that you can meet the guys and have some fun. After that, you can come to a Club meeting and learn a little about what we do.

11.    Are you politically or religiously motivated?

Not at all. There is no political or religious bias in the organisation. This is a fundamental principle of Lions.

12.    How often do you meet and where ?

1st Monday of each month (except July & August) at the Holiday Inn Ellesmere Port. Meetings usually last an hour then we have drinks afterwards in the bar.